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Working as a team Central Garage is committed to putting the customer first and their vehicles back on the road as fast and safely as possible.

Central Garage Lichfield - our-staff - Servicing Lichfield for 3 Generations
Central Garage Lichfield - our-staff - Servicing Lichfield for 3 Generations

Meet our team

Craig Ballinger

Craig works in the body shop. He is responsible for major body repairs. Over the past year Craig has started to paint vehicles as well - giving the satisfaction of seeing a job through from start to finish.

John Barker

John has served over twenty years in a local Ford dealership. He brings a wealth of experience to the garage on diagnosis and repair. John is also a Master Technician. He is a current MOT tester.

Charlie Fielding

Charlie is our Mature apprentice. He is working under Mickey in the top shop. His hobbies are talking and talking.

Ian Harris

Ian joined us on completion of his apprenticeship from Brindley cars, Cannock. He is a qualified MOT tester and is enrolled on the Bosch Diagnostic Technician Course. Ian is a keen motorsports fan and enjoys working on sports cars.

Roman Jaworski

Roman (Romek) is our wizard electrician. He is from Poland and has a wife and four kids who he misses greatly. He likes to spend his spare time pulling apart anything electrical (phoneboxes, cash points, etc..).

James Khannon

James (Too-Tall) is a junior technician. He joined us whilst at college, but we then employed him on a Fast-track apprenticeship. He is now studying to be a Bosch diagnostic technician. He enjoys looking over tall fences.

Joshua Kowalik

Josh (Ray) is our other mature apprentice. He has come into the business from being a fork lift driver. His hobbies are Coronation street and Emmerdale.

Nigel Markham

Nigel is a body Worker, proficient in all aspects of body repair. He does not say a lot, preferring to let his work do the talking.

Andy Matthews

Andrew is another member who has been with us since school . He is a qualified Master technician. Andrew does major repairs. Andy's calming influence is his wife Maria. She has transformed him from a lager lout to spending his weekends visiting garden centres. Andrew is now on Bosch Diagnostic Technician Training.

Dave Morris

Dave (nick-name Mozza)is a senior vehicle Technician. He gained Master Tech status during his time at a Vauxhall dealership. He has 40 years experience. He is married to Jacquiline and they have a daughter, Paige. Dave's hobbies are DIY, walking to the pub and working on Austin ten cars! He lists his interest at work as listening to Phil's problems.

Aaron Nock

Aaron is our newest and youngest member-he was born in this millenium! He is a keen sportsman (boxing). He works alongside Paul in the valet bay.

Gemma Parcell

GEMMA'S ON MATERNITY LEAVE AGAIN! Congratulations to Gemma and Minty on the arrival of no.2. Gemma is our receptionist. Her hobbies are shopping and walking.

Sam Pope

Sam is a junior Technician. He joined us whilst at college and then was fast- tracked on an apprenticeship. In his spare time he can be seen giving driving lessons.

James Timothy

James is our newly qualified auto-electrician. He served his apprenticeship with us whilst training at the SAA Academy in Bristol. He is the mini-me to our experienced electrician, Romek. His hobbies are bird-spotting and line-dancing.

Paul Trahearn

Paul is in charge of the valeting bay and supervises all vehicle preparation for hand-over to customers. He has many hidden talents including pulling the perfect pint and being a cool D.J.!

Robin Worley

Robin is our get-away driver. He is a keen fisherman.

Matt Clark

Matt is our stand-in Front of House. He comes from a career with IBM. He is married to Tara and is a former chairman and current member of Lichfield Round table

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