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We service all makes of car

We service and repair all vehicles to current up to date manufacturer schedules. Parts used are always original equipment, equivalent or better. We can repair all ages of car from brand new to classics (with the exception of Reliant 3 wheelers!)

Having your vehicle serviced by us will not invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. If you inform us that it is still within warranty, we will use only original equipment parts sourced from a main dealer. Your warranty will not be affected, but warranty repairs will still need to be effected by the main dealer.

The modern car now has more computing power than the first Apollo spacecraft that landed on the moon! Therefore the car requires diagnostic equipment to interrogate these computers. We constantly try to keep abreast of todays technology. We use dedicated diagnostic equipment from eight software manufacturers. With this equipment we are able to read data from engine, brakes, airbags, heating and air con and alarms, etc. The list is endless. A luxury vehicle may have up to forty on board controllers all monitoring continuously as you drive. We are capable of accessing most of these devices and performing re-sets of faults and service lights.

We have seven technicians qualified to Master Technician status with the ATA to diagnose any faults.

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