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Warning lights or faults on your dashboard?
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Engine Diagnostic TestS

If a warning light or fault has appeared on your dash, you’ll need a diagnostics test to enable our engineers to trouble-shoot the issue. Our state of the art BOSCH diagnostic equipment enables us to quickly diganose the error and recommend or carry out repairs before any serious or long term damage is done.

Modern vehicles contain more computing power than the first Apollo moon mission. All of these computers are attached to sensors around the car monitoring everything from fuel pressure to fluid levels. As soon as the computer senses a problem, an error light occurs.

There are 100’s of potential errors and they are not always dangerous or serious, it could be anything, from a faulty sensor to a serious fuel problem. You’ll need to get them checked so you can understand what the full extent of the problem is and get it fixed. Our diagnostic equipment can also be used to reset the service lights once the error is rectified.

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